Respect for the Heiltsuk Nation

We have a responsibility to honor people, beginning with the Heiltsuk people within whose traditional territory we operate and with whom we are respectfully doing business.

As a company, we recognize the BC Central Coast’s original inhabitants, the Heiltsuk people, as cultural and environmental stewards of resources within their traditional territory. We work closely with the Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department to mitigate and address any cultural, environmental, or archaeological impact that our activity could have on the community.

For over two decades, we have been listening and learning about the rich Heiltsuk history, their culture, and traditions that are important. We strive to continue in a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.




Environmental Responsibility

We have responsibility to the place known as “Kisameet” and the pristine lands and waters that surround it.

We have also listened, learned, and have come to share the environmental stewardship values that are rightfully of great importance to the Heiltsuk and all who wish to journey in or through their traditional lands.  

As such Kisameet Glacial Clay is harvested in  ways that avoid or minimize any potential site contamination from damaging pollutants that may negatively impact the environment. .

Respect for Our Customers

We have responsibility to the rare mineral clay known as “Kisameet Glacial Clay”.

We know people care where and how products are sourced, who sources them, and how they are tested and processed.

We strive to ensure that Kisameet Glacial Clay is harvested in an environmentally responsible way and processed to exacting standards for commercial formulators. Our quality control is verified by independent Government Certified testing facilities.

The mineral clay is now available as an ingredient for cosmetic products.